Jon Butt BSc (Hons)
Clock conservation, restoration and repair


I teach a short course in clock making at West Dean College, delivered every Easter. During the four days students make a simple working escapement model, learning many of the skills required in traditional clockmaking.


Whilst a student at West Dean I became aware that there was no well-written book which explained in detail how many of the key clock repairing processes are carried out. My tutor Matthew Read and I approached a specialist publisher of horological books and have now been commissioned to write a practical handbook for the repair of pendulum clocks. This book is currently under preparation.

To see chapter samples see: book in progress


Taking advantage of my background in Physics and Electronics, I was part of a team involved in a reversible modification to the Anglesey Abbey Pagoda Clock. The modification, made possible through the application of electronic design and components, enabled the clock to continue operating in front of the public, but without continuing wear to the 200-year-old parts. The project could pave the way for similar approaches to automaton conservation.

See: Anglesey Abbey Pagoda Clock